Saving money with Look After My Bills

When it comes to finding the best deal on energy suppliers, it can take a fair bit of time and effort in order to compare them. We all have busy lifestyles, with households to run, jobs to attend, school appointments to keep and much more, quite simply, it can be hard to find the time to do this. In previous years, I've just let my contracts renew as it felt easier than putting in the time and effort to compare them. 

With Look After My Bills, the extra work is taken out of your hands. They find you the best deal on your energy bills and switch you over. When the deal ends, they find you another deal. It really is that simple! 

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So how does it work? 
After a quick two minute sign up process. you'll then be emailed when a a comparison is about to be made. When a better deal has been found for you (meaning you'll save at least £50 or £15 if on a pre-payment meter) you will be switched automatically. You will then be sent the details and will have 14 days at review. 

How much is the service? 
It's completely free. Look After My Bills take commission from the energy companies that they switch you to, meaning there is no additional cost to you.

How much can I save?
On average Look After My Bills save people on average £251  and have saved some people £400!

Will it really be the best deal? 
Look After My Bills will only work with energy suppliers with a great reputation and excellent customer service. That means, even if a company appears cheaper, if they have an awful reputation, you won't be switched to them.

When it comes to finding the best energy supplier, there are a few different aspects to consider including your energy usage and region for example (more information can be found in this article: Who is the best energy supplier for you?) but Look After My Bills take away the effort of comparing the energy market.

What I really like about this service is that it's even simpler than using comparison websites which not only vary between each other but require you to use again with each year. Look After My Bills on the other hand, will automatically find you the best deal and switch you over.

For more information and to sign up visit here!

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