The Benefits of Arts and Crafts For Children

We all know that we should aim to limit screen time as much as possible for our children but let's face it, it's not always easy. With lots of tv channels aimed just at children and with tablets and game consules to contend with too, it can be hard to encourage them to pursue other activities but reducing their screen time can have wonderful benefits for their development and well being. I'm keen to encourage my children to spend more time engaging in arts and crafts and here's why...

Drawing, writing, colouring, cutting and sticking are some of my boys' favourite activities. They've created little worlds out out of a few pieces of paper, card and a pack of colouring pencils. They love it when I have a spare cardboard box too as they spend hours decorating it and making little houses! I have lovely memories of colouring and drawing as a child and so, while I'm not opposed at all to them having screen time every now and again, I'm keen for my children spend time being creative too. 

What are the benefits?

It can promote relaxation~ After a busy day at school, activities such as colouring and drawing are the perfect ways to relax and unwind. 
It supports brain development~ In early childhood, your child will be making millions of new brain connections and being creative can help with this process.
They can spend quality time with you~ Engaging in arts and crafts with your child will enable them to spend some precious quality time with you, boosting their self esteem and encouraging them to communicate their thoughts with you.
It builds confidence~ Creating pieces of art that they are proud of can really boost their confidence, encouraging them to experiment with new ideas!
It helps them express themselves~ Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to express yourself when you are little but being creative can help them to find a different way to communicate their feelings.
It helps with problem-solving skills~ Being creative helps your little one to problem-solve and overcome challenges as they seek to find the best way bring their ideas to life!

How can you encourage your children to be creative? 

Have arts and crafts supplies available~ Buying items such as pens, crayons, pencils, and paper and making them accessible and visible will ensure your little ones can be creative when they feel the need to.
Celebrate their creations~ Give them lots of praise and encouragement which will encourage them to engage in arts and crafts more frequently.
Make your own creations too~ They don't have to be masterpieces but if your child sees you being creative, they will be more likely to want to have a go too. My little boy likes when we draw zoos together; I draw all the cages and pools and he adds in the animals! 

Do you have any ideas for encouraging children to engage in arts and crafts activities? I'd love to hear them! 

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  1. My son loves to make things. We have a box full of empty kitchen cartons, loo rolls, paper plates etc which always comes in handy on a rainy afternoon.