Visa Express Gets Your Russian Visa Fast

*Disclaimer- This post is written in collaboration.

Visa Express is an agency that can help you to get your visa to Russia and Russian invitation letter in an easier way. As you may know, the paperwork is often an exhausting experience so it is very suitable to have professional support on the way. That's how you can accelerate the procedure and get your visa faster. Russia is an open country with various tourist attractions so it is a popular destination for many. It is generally easy for Americans to get a visa for that destination, but they have to prepare all the necessary documents and materials for the application.

The Visa Express staff can guide you through the entire procedure from the beginning to the end. They can explain what you have to prepare and they may also organize and finish some significant parts of the work instead of you.


General Requirements
There are some general requirements that apply to all foreigners who want to visit Russia. Some additional documents and materials might be also required by the authorities, however, it depends on your personal case.

First, you have to have a regular passport. It is recommended for the document to have a longer validity date because you can avoid unnecessary problems in that way. Some visas might be issued for a year or even more so it is good to have a travel document that covers their validity entirely. Otherwise, you will have to visit the embassy again to receive a new visa in the new passport.

If your travel documents expire in less than 6 months, the embassy would most likely reject your application, and you might be forbidden to enter the country. That's why it is important to pay attention to this matter. It is not hard to extend the passport if it is necessary so you should do that before applying for the visa.

You will also need to fill the appropriate forms providing necessary personal details. They might ask you different things and it also might depend on your personal circumstances. Two additional photos of you should also come together with the material, and they have to be of an appropriate size. The agency can give you the exact details on that matter, and you may also ask the embassy for the instructions.

Also, the invitation letter might be required, and it may testify to the purpose of your visit. It is far easier to get the visa if you have such a document so you should definitely prepare it before sending the application.

If you have already possessed some Russian visas, you will have to provide more details on that matter too. if they are visible in your old passport, then that's generally not a problem. The authorities then can easily check everything directly from your document. These several documents are basic requirements that all have to provide.

Different Visas
It is also good to know there are different kinds of visas for Russia so you have to apply for the appropriate one. If you, for example, want just to visit tourist attractions and beautiful sights and places, then you should apply for a tourist visa. It is usually short-term entry permission and it is provided for a specific purpose. Workers have to apply for a work visa that might have a longer validity date. It gives an opportunity not just to visit but also to work within the territory of the Russian federation. The company owners and CEOs generally need a business visa while those who want to go to a college need a study visa.