Do’s and Don’ts for a Baby Shower

Image Source: Pexels

We all love to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, and if one of your friends has just become a mum, you will need to think about a suitable gift, and with that in mind, here are a few baby shower do’s and don’ts to bear in mind.

Don’t Surprise Mum – She is going through quite a stressful time, and the last thing she needs is a surprise! She needs time to be ready for the guests, and she’ll thank you for giving her a heads up. If you bring mum on board at the very outset, you are sure that the event is to her liking, and leave the surprises for a few years.

Do Involve the New Mum in the Planning – Cut the chase and bring the new mum in at the very outset, then you can be sure she gets the most out of the experience. She can give you baby shower gift ideas, which saves you having to think about a suitable gift. There are online baby basket suppliers who have an amazing range of baby gifts, and with a secured online payment, your gift will be on its way to the lucky mum.

Do a Prepare a Simple Menu – A few of her favourite pizzas would never go amiss, and by ordering from a take-out, you won’t have the worry of catering. Regarding alcohol, that’s something to discuss with mum, who would probably love a glass of wine, and make sure you provide a few choices, as not everyone likes dry white wine. Paper plates and plastic cups work, especially if children are around, and that makes the clean up easy.

Don’t Exclude the Kids – This is a family celebration, so the children should attend, and they can be quite helpful with the catering too! This will be a time for the entire family to celebrate, and you can ask your friends to bring their kids if they choose. If you are the organiser, there is a great article on how to plan a baby shower party, which is essential reading.

Do Spend Time on your Gift – You know her very well, and by shopping online for a baby gift basket, you can view a wide range of hampers and baskets designed for a new mother, with themed gifts for that personal touch. Include her favourite chocolate, and she’ll be over the moon with that.

Don’t Forget to Thank the Guests – This can easily fall by the wayside, but at some point, you really should thank everyone for coming, which could coincide with a toast to mum and baby. It might be an informal group of close friends, who have joined together to make the event work, and a little appreciation always goes a long way.

The important thing to remember is that the new mum should be involved at the very outset, and she can help to plan the perfect baby shower. You could create a list for gifts, and you could also mention that the online baby gift supplier has a wide range of essential baby gifts, which makes it easy to find something suitable. 

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