Baby Annabell Alexander from Zapf Creation

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your little ones pretending to be Mummy or Daddy? We were recently sent a Baby Annabell Alexander doll and what a fun week the boys have had! The doll has lots of lovely interactive features: it can drink, eat, suck, cry real tears, gurgle, wee and sleep!

Baby Annabell

The doll is absolutely beautiful, with large brown eyes, pink rosy cheeks and a wonderfully soft and cosy velvet-style sleep-suit and hat. There's obviously been lots of attention to detail in the production of the doll, from the cute little curled up fists, long eyelashes and cute little button nose. There's also a slight weight to the doll to make it feel just like holding a newborn. 

Baby Annabell

The doll makes cute babbling sounds and even cries like a real baby. The sounds are quite realistic too and took me right back to when my boys were tiny. When the doll cries, he can be soothed with a pat on the back or stroke of his cheek or by giving him his dummy or bottle. 

A really lovely feature of the doll is how the eyes can open and close and he makes a sucking motion when you place the bottle or dummy in his mouth; it's very sweet! You can feed the doll with water from the bottle and then he can sit on the potty or fill his nappy when you press the heart symbol on his tummy.  

Baby Annabell

I’m a strong believer that we need to break the stereotypical associations of toys being either for girls or for boys. Playing with a doll can help your child learn important skills in how to nurture, care for and comfort another person and that certainly is not a skill that is ‘just for girls' so I'm more than happy for my boys to play with dolls if they want to. It's lovely to observe them gently rocking the doll or feeding him the bottle. 

I really love this doll; I would have loved it as a child myself and have certainly enjoyed reviewing it with the boys. It comes highly recommended from us! Now I'm off to convince my husband that the boys will both make good big brothers! 

You can find out more about Baby Annabel Alexander here!

*Disclaimer: We were kindly sent a doll for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.