Teamsterz JCD Tower RC Crane: A Review

My little ones are fascinated by construction vehicles. They always point out diggers and dump trucks when we pass them and they love watching a crane at work! We were recently invited to review a construction toy from the Teamsterz JCB range and we opted to test out the crane! 

Teamsterz have partnered up with JCB to recreate construction machines for little people! The Teamsterz JCD Tower RC Crane is lots of fun. It has a remote control which can move the crane arm from left to right and also moves the wrecking ball up and down. It stands at 100cm tall; the same height as my three year old! It's bright yellow in colour and is certainly eye-catching. Both my three year old and six year old enjoyed and also spent lots of time using the controls to move the crane about. This is great for hand -eye coordination!


Unfortunately I do feel the toy isn't quite as robust as it perhaps needs to be. The arm comes off quite easily and so needs an adult to put it back on. We also found that the cable that you connect the wrecking ball to quite often gets stuck and so needs a bit of jiggling about in order to sort it. I feel it would perhaps be suited to slightly older children that would be a bit less heavy handed than my little ones. 

This being said, my boys have enjoyed playing with this crane and love showing their friends when they come to play. 

Disclaimer: We were very kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review.