My Wickedly Funny Children

My children have provided me with endless entertainment over the years. From the time my one year old (at the time) loudly shouted 'nope' at a christening after the vicar asked if we all renounced the devil to the time he exclaimed he would 'please like a bit more else' after his dinner. There have been so many moments that have made me laugh over the years and they have certainly bought lots of laughter into my life. 

Here are some of my favourite moments...

Hide and Seek
Nailed it.

Ben's Bed
I was unsure whether to tell him off for writing on his headboard or to be proud of him for correctly using an apostrophe.


Don't flush your baby 
We survived a whole week camping with young children. Plenty of sunshine and starry nights but hands down my favourite moment was when my little boy stared at this sign in the toilets for a good few minutes before tentatively asking "Mummy, people don't really flush their babies in Cornwall do they?"

toilet sign

Express yourself
My child: "This ham looks just like how I'm feeling today".
Because sometimes, when you're only 6 years old, it's easier to express your emotions through the medium of ham.

Birthday woes
My boy on becoming a year older: "I feel just the same as yesterday, only there's a balloon in my hand".

My boy is an artist
If you see anything other than a birthday cake with a candle then have a word with yourself.


There's really not a day that goes by where my children don't bring a smile to my face and so what could be better then sending some happiness and giggles their way? With Wicked Uncle you can be sure to find that perfect gift. They have a wide array of exciting gifts for little ones, many of which will be sure to make them smile. This Christmas Santa will be delivering my pair of loons Wiggle Waggle- Jiggly Wiggly Walking Pup- a dog that wiggles and jiggles to an infectious musical tune and Silly Socks- Matching Pairs Sock Game- a fun game where you have to match pairs of socks but avoid the pairs of pants! There will certainly be lots of giggles on Christmas morning in our house! 

wiggle waggle

silly socks

For lots of wickedly wonderful gifts why not visit Wicked Uncle today? 

Disclaimer: We were very kindly sent the above toys in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.