Safe and Sound: Home Security Tips

Home; it's the very essence of family life and so a safe and secure home is of vital importance. Not only is your house likely to be your most expensive asset, it contains many, if not all of your valuable possessions and most importantly your cherished family members. There are ways of preventing and discouraging break-ins in your home as will be discussed in this article. 

Secure the doors
It's important to inspect your exterior doors. Are they fitted correctly? Are the door frames secure? If you have a post box, determine whether an individual could easily reach in to unlock the door or grab nearby keys. Installing a dead bolt is a quick and easy way of adding security to your doors. Ensure that doors are locked when you leave the house. Stephen Fretwell, an established Doncaster Locksmith, recommends using high security door locks such as Ultion. These are approved by British Standards and to Police specifications.

Secure the windows
Take a look at your windows and look for any flimsy latches and ensure they are secured with locks or key operated levers. Make sure that your window lock repairs are carried out by a professional locksmith to ensure that they meet your insurance policy requirements. Replacing windows with double-glazed ones will secure them. You may also consider laminated glass or plastic glazing film for easily accessible windows which is harder to break. When you leave the house ensure that all windows are shut. 

Add security cameras
The use of security cameras not only serves as a deterrent for thieves but can also be a means to get justice in the event of a break-in. They can be used as part of a security system that can be purchased or you can use them on their own. Security cameras can be linked to your mobile phone so that footage can be easily stored and can also be seen in real-time. 

Set up a security system
Home security systems are networks of integrated electronic devices that all work together with a central control panel to prevent against burglars and home intruders. Typically this will include a main control panel in the home, door and window sensors, motion sensors, security cameras and a high-decibel alarm.

Use home automation
Home automation can give you control of lights, the tv, security cameras, locks and other safety devices. Turning your home into a smart home can be a smart move when it comes to security! 

smart lock

Use outdoor lighting
This can be a deterrent for potential burglars as they will feel more exposed and on display. Motion activated ones are a great way of alerting you to any outdoor activity. You might also consider light that are controlled with a timer or solar powered lights. 

Do you have any home security tips? Please leave them in the comments below.