Time for a new look with LilyHair

Since I became a mother, I've mainly had the same hairstyle. I tend to wear it down, keeping it at a similar length (a few inches below my shoulders) and it tends to be the same colour. Sometimes I feel the need for a complete change and I love scouring the internet for some different styles. 

LilyHair offer a vast array of human hair wigs, toppers and hair extensions in a range of different styles. I have played around with hair extensions before opting for a pink streak which I absolutely loved. I've never tried wigs or toppers before and so I was keen to learn a little more about them. 

Hair Toppers
Hair Toppers can make your hair look much fuller adding volume and body and can also hide areas of hair loss. The hair toppers at LilyHair are made from 100% human hair. Each piece is tailored to the individual and is available in a wide range of colours, styles and lengths. There are a few different options to choose from; Swiss Lace, a base which is super light and undetectable, Mono Top, which enables you to part where you want and Silk Base which is said to be the softest and most comfortable option. 

LilyHair wigs are made from 100% full-cuticle hair and are available in many different styles and colours. The Monofilament wigs offer multiple parting options with a natural looking scalp appearance. The Lace Front wigs use an undetectable lace and create a natural looking hairline whereas the Hand-Tied wigs are incredibly light and soft. I was interested to learn that with the Hand-Tied wigs each hair is individually tied to the cap one strand at a time!

Hair extensions can help make your hair look fuller, more shiny and healthy looking. There are eight different kinds; Clip ins, Tape ins, Flip ins, Pre bonded, Micro ring, Nano ring, Microchet and Magic ponytail hair extensions. With so many options to choose from you'll be sure to find the right one for you! 

To explore the range of wigs, hair extensions and toppers just click here!

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