Male Hair Loss Solutions

Many men will experience hair loss. It can happen due to a combination of hormones and genetics and it affects about 50% of men over the age of 50. Hair loss can occur at any time after puberty. For some men this can cause lack of confidence and distress. 

With wigs and hair pieces, men can effectively disguise hair loss if they wish to. Hairbro offers a customized and professional service, with excellent products to solve man's hair problems. They offer custom men's toupees in a variety of different styles made from 100% human hair. This can be the perfect option for those that wish to sport a full head of hair. Hairbro pride themselves on offering a completely natural look at low prices. Their hair systems are designed to replace the hair loss completely or partially.

What else can be done? 
  • Minoxidil medication
  • Finasteride medication
  • Hair transplants
  • Hair styling. 
For more information on the options available visit Hairbro

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