Is your business COVID-19 PPE ready?

Do you run a business that you’ve had to close temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown restrictions? We’re there with you! However, not all is bad news… with the lockdown restrictions starting to ease up a bit, it won’t be long until you can reopen your business to the public, which is great!

The most important thing to do before opening any business is to ensure that it will be a safe move to do. A big part of it will be guaranteeing that your business is COVID-19 PPE ready and, therefore, safe for you and your customers. What is PPE you might ask? PPE is short for personal protective equipment and as an article on Health and Safety Executive explains, it’s equipment that will protect the user against health and safety risks at work. It includes eye protection, gloves, quality footwear, face masks and much more. It's certainly worth opting for high quality, effective and well-made PPE products like Unigloves to ensure you are providing yourself and your staff with the best protection.

So, which equipment should I purchase and where to buy it from? Good questions.

PPE, gloves

Depending on the business you own, you will require different types of PPE. So, keep an eye out for the government’s guidelines for the reopening of shops and what measures should be taken. For the time being, we’ve put together some essential PPE which can be helpful for any type of business and can be found at Aviation Spares.

ppe, masks

1. Disposable aprons 
Their disposable aprons are sold in packs of 250 pieces and are designed to protect the wearer’s body and clothes.

2. Disposable gowns 
Disposable gowns are designed for the same purpose as disposable aprons, however, gowns can cover a wider surface.

3. Disposable sleeves 
Disposable sleeves are a good addition for disposable gowns and aprons. These are elasticated plastic arm cover sleeves that are available in bags of 100 sleeves.

4. Safety goggles 
For eye protection, medical safety goggles are ideal. These are lightweight goggles that provide high visibility and feature an anti-fog, anti-impact and anti-spatter surface.

5. Face shields 
PPE face shields are another key element for face protection. These feature a comfortable foam head bans and have anti-spatter and anti-fog properties.

Along with proper personal protective equipment, it’s also important to ensure effective hand hygiene and social distancing, when possible.

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