Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle: A Review

We were recently invited to test out the Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle! For those who haven't seen the show before, it follows the adventures of a boy called Ben who discovers a mysterious alien watch known as the Omnitrix which allows him to transform into ten different alien creatures! With his Transforming Omni-cycle he can whizz through the skies or drive through any off-road terrain! 
Ben 10
The cycle, as the name suggests, can be transformed from cycle to flight mode. To do this you need to twist both sets of wheels. It was fairly straightforward to do but younger children may need a little bit of support just to ensure they have done it correctly. 

Ben 10 toy

My four year old's favourite feature of the toy was that the Ben character can grip onto the handle bars. He thought this was really exciting and enjoyed maneuvering Ben's hands on and off! He spent a long time playing with the toy, which slightly surprised me as I will be honest and admit we have never seen the show before. He made up little adventures where Ben was flying through the air and riding along. 

Ben 10 toy
The toy is bright green and certainly eye catching to capture the attention of little ones. I feel that the wheels would benefit from being a little more sturdy; there does seem to be the potential of them breaking off if children are too heavy handed with them. What is great about the toy is that it is not too fiddly as I find that many 'transforming' toys require some adult help resulting in them being a bit frustrating for children. 

If you have a Ben 10 fan, or even a child that is unfamiliar with the show like mine, there is a lot of fun to be had with the Transforming Omni-Cycle! Find one here