Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Bed

You will spend one third of your life asleep and so it's vital to find the right bed for you. But just what should we be looking for when purchasing a new bed? Luckily for us, have produced this handy infographic with all the information you will need for when the time comes to purchase your brand new bed.

Consider the colour scheme
As the infographic suggests, it is wise to consider the desired decor of your bedroom. If you're planning on a particular colour or if you like to regularly change the colour of your room, you may be best opting for white or black. This Suede Divan bed for example can be purchased in a range of different neutral colours, perfect for blending in with the desired theme of your bedroom. 

Measure the space in your room
It's important to know what floor space is available for your new bed. The last thing you will need is a brand new bed that won't fit in your room! Those with plenty of space may consider a King or Super King-sized bed whereas those with limited space may opt for a single or small single bed for example. 

Ensure you find the right mattress 
Getting the right mattress is vital in ensuring you get a comfortable and peaceful nights sleep. There are a range of different options available from basic, coil sprung mattresses to memory foam, all foam and pocket sprung mattresses. Consider how firm or soft you like your mattress to be too. If you are looking for a new mattress then you may want to consider looking at MyNextMattress. They stock the new Sealy Mattress Range which boasts incredible support for your whole body. Their collections are backed by orthopaedic science to provide support where you need it most.

Keep your bed clean and fresh
It is recommended that you use a mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh and free from stains. Younger children may benefit from a waterproof mattress protector. You can also get anti-allergy ones as well as temperature-regulating ones to further ensure that peaceful nights sleep. For added comfort opt for a luxury quilted one! 

Consider storage options
If storage is limited in your bedroom, under-bed storage can be a godsend. Divan beds can feature drawers for handy storage of your belongings. If you prefer a bed frame but are limited on space, consider one where storage boxes can easily be stored underneath. 

Check out the reviews
Online reviews are a wonderful resource to help decide which bed will be right for you. If the bed has glowing reviews from those that have purchased it previously, this will give you more peace of mind that you're buying a quality product. 

Delivery and removal of your old mattress
Not many of us have the means to transport a new bed home or to then to correctly dispose of the old one and that is why it is important to consider these things before making the sale. Many companies will deliver you your new bed and if removal of the old one isn't an option you can arrange for the council to collect it. 

Check out the warranty
Purchasing a bed and/or mattress that comes with a warranty will put your mind at ease in case your new bed doesn't quite meet expectations. Length of warranties can vary so it's important to check this before buying. 

When did you last purchase a bed? Do you have any tips for choosing the right one? I'd love to hear in the comments below.    

*Collaborative Post