Family Fun With Gibson's Rockpool Game

Gibson's have recently released a new game called Rockpool! This game encourages players to collect shells and clean up rubbish on the beach before the tide comes in. It's a game with an educational twist, helping children learn about the impact of littering on our beaches. 

Rockpool game

To set up the game, each player firstly chooses their team which consists of 5 child cards and 1 dog card. You place the rockpool board in the middle of the game and place all the remaining stone cards in piles around the board. Each player then takes turns in turning over a stone card revealing what is underneath; it could be a shell, a creature, a dog toy or even some rubbish! Sometimes a wave will be revealed which washes away all of the contents of the rockpool. A player can also shout to empty the rockpool at any point so their team can add shells to their collection. The aim of the game is for the children to collect shells whilst the dog collects the dog toys. The teammate that has been the most successful gets to paddle in the rock pool and the player with the most teammates paddling at the end wins the game.

Rockpool game

I will admit, it took me quite a few attempts to work out the instructions (that's what 5 months of lockdown restrictions, homeschooling and pregnancy will do to you!) and found it was easier to begin the game and refer to the instructions as needed. The boys enjoyed playing the game and it made them think about the adventures we had last year rockpooling on the beach and the creatures they discovered. It also inspired discussions about the impact of rubbish and plastic in our oceans. The boys even decided they would like to have a go at picking up litter next time we are on the beach!  

To find out more and to purchase your own, just click here!

*Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted this game in exchange for an honest review.