Swaddleme Whisper Quiet Swaddle: A review

As a new parent you will instinctively want to keep your newborn calm, settled and relaxed but it isn't always easy. One way of ensuring your baby feels safe and comforted is by swaddling them. Swaddling can help calm your baby, preventing them from waking unnecessarily due to the startle reflex. It can help them to feel snug and secure, just as they felt in the womb. We were kindly sent some SwaddleMe Whisper Quiet Swaddles courtesy of Summer Infant to try with our brand new baby boy! 

We were sent stage 1 swaddles which are suitable for newborn babies and babies that can not yet roll. The swaddles are beautifully soft featuring gentle designs. They have a clever easy-change zipper which enables you to change your baby's nappy without unswaddling them. The swaddle has a t-shape design helping you to quickly and efficiently swaddle your baby. The baby's legs are firstly placed in the leg pocket. Their arms are then placed by their sides then the left wing is wrapped over baby's arms and torso. Finally the right wing is wrapped over the left wing and under baby's back for a secure fit.

I was amazed at how calm my baby was when I put him in one of the swaddles. He happily lay there having a good look round which was lovely to observe. Often when he is awake he likes to suck for comfort but the swaddle obviously served to comfort him as he didn't cry or require settling during the time I had placed him in the swaddle.

The easy-change zipper was so handy. Any new parent will know just how often babies seem to require a nappy change and this function ensures that you don't have to risk unsettling your baby by unswaddling them for a nappy change. 

The swaddle is delightfully soft, it is well made and wonderful quality. My little one loved it and it is great to know there is an extra way I can help to comfort him when he is unsettled.

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