Reading Champion 30 book collection from books2door

There is nothing more rewarding than helping your child to develop a passion for reading. Books can open your child's mind to whole new world of possibilities from the real to the fantastical, enabling them to have amazing adventures or learn fascinating facts from the comfort of their own home! I've been keen to introduce my little boys to the wonderful world of reading from an early age and so I've always endeavoured to provide them with access to books and to read regularly to them.

Encouraging children to read isn't always easy. They can easily lose interest in a particular book if for example, the vocabulary and sentence structures are too complicated for their current understanding. They may also lose interest if the illustrations do not grab their attention or serve to accurately reflect the story. They may also struggle with a book if it deals with subjects and situations unfamiliar to them.

This month we have been delighted to be reviewing the Reading Champions Developing Readers 30 Book Collection courtesy of Books2door. This collection of books has been developed by Reading Champion who work alongside UCL Institute of Education (IOE). The result is a series of books which has the aim of supporting and enriching children's learning experience. The set is divided into individual reading bands, organised for different levels of difficulty. The series begins with the Orange Level 6 suitable for children aged 5+ and ends with the White Level 10 for those aged 7 years and over. 



The books have been carefully crafted to encourage children to successfully read the books. Each book uses clear sentence structures and vocabulary suited to the age and understanding of the child. They use natural language patterns and use familiar and common settings and situations that children will be able to relate to or identify, helping them to understand and engage with the story.

The books provide an assortment of different stories, characters and topics. Looking at the Orange Level 6 for example, the stories range from a tale about a dragon who keeps hiccupping to a story about a little boy and his dad who try to identify what or who has made particular footprints in the snow. The books feature bright and engaging illustrations on each page which further supports and encourages understanding of the story.


At the end of each book children are presented with 5 illustrations which are found within the book with the instruction to put the pictures in the right order. This helps children to further make sense of the story. The books also feature guidance and advice to parents in supporting their child's independent reading. It gives a summary of the story and offers parents a series of questions they can ask their child in regards to the book as well as offering tips on how to further extend their child's learning.

My boys were really excited to receive the books. My eldest son has really started to enjoy reading alone recently which is lovely to observe. He loves a collection of books and is keen to read every single one. His younger brother is due to start school this year so I'm looking forward to supporting him with these books as he begins to learn to read independently.

The Reading Champions Developing Readers 30 Book Collection is the ideal set for supporting children to learn to read. We loved it!

*We were kindly gifted these books in exchange for an honest review