Why Solid Wood Flooring is a great choice for your child's bedroom

Solid wood flooring provides many benefits in your home. Not only is it practical and long lasting but it also creates a beautiful and timeless effect throughout. Whilst you may consider solid wood flooring to be suitable for the living areas of your home, it can also be just as effective in the bedrooms. For your children's bedrooms, this is the ideal choice for a variety of reasons.

Suitable for changing tastes
A solid wood flooring looks simply perfect in your new baby's nursery. It can perfectly compliment the nursery furniture and typical pastel themes many opt for in a baby's bedroom. As your child grows up, the decor of the room will certainly be changed and what is wonderful about solid wood flooring is that it can be teamed with a variety of different styles and tastes. It certainly won't clash with any fun or unusual colour combinations.


Hygienic and easy to clean
A solid wood floor is much more hygienic than a carpet. Whereas carpets can be host to a range of different parasites, a solid wood floor can be kept dust and germ free with ease. Cleaning a carpet is quite a big job and so it is unlikely to be one you will do very regularly, whereas a solid wood floor can be wiped daily, keeping it spotless. For children that crawl and play in their rooms, a solid wood floor will provide them with a clean and hygienic area in which to do so. Over the years there will be occasions when your child is unwell, doesn't quite make the toilet in time or spills drinks for example, and so by having a solid wood floor, these incidents can be cleaned up with ease.

Long lasting and highly durable
A solid wood floor will stand the test of time in your child's bedroom. It is highly durable and can resist many years of footfall and play. Any scrapes and scratches that may occur, although unlikely, can be treated and repaired easily. 


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