Quirk! and Pass the bomb- the big one by Gibson's Games- A review

Last month we were delighted to review the game Rockpool by Gibson's Games and this month the fun has continued as we have been exploring the games Quirk! and Pass the Bomb- The Big One both from Gibson's Games! So how did we get on?!


Quirk is a funny card card where players are encouraged to embrace their silly side by making funny sounds and actions to impersonate different characters. The aim of the game is to collect the most Quirks which is a set of three of the same cards. You can opt to play with easier cards- the white rimmed ones- which are ideal for younger players or to play the slightly harder set- the grey rimmed cards. You may also opt to play a mixture of the two. There are two different types of cards in the game; character cards and action cards. 


Three character cards are dealt to each player and then the remaining character cards are shuffled along with the action cards which are then placed face down on the table. When it is your turn, you can choose to either try and win a character card or steal someone's completed Quirk!

To win a character card from someone, you firstly pick a card from your own hand and then pick a player to try and win the same card from. Here's where the funny part comes in; you can't just ask for the card, you have to act it out. So for example, if your card was a pufferfish, you would have to find a way to act this out. You can make sounds too! If the other player has the card you are looking for, they hand it over to you. If they guess incorrectly, you keep quiet and take the card.


To steal a card, you can play one of the red Steal cards allowing you to steal someone's Quirk from the table. The other player can stop this action by playing a Block card. You can also stop someone asking you for a card by playing a Stop card. You can also add mischief to the game by adding the Mischief cards to the deck. If someone picks one of these cards from the deck it is activated immediately and affects all the players, for example players can only use sounds to ask for cards for one entire round! 

The game is over when all 13 Quirks have been placed on the table and the player with the most Quirks wins!

Quirk! is a funny game which caused lots of giggles. After all, who doesn't like to see their mummy acting like a pufferfish?! The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players and recommended age is 5+.

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Pass The Bomb- The Big One

This is a fast-paced, frantic and exciting family game! The aim of the game is to solve tasks or think of an answer to a challenge swiftly, passing the time-bomb on to the next player before it detonates. If the bomb detonates whilst in your hand, you move your playing piece forward closer to the explosion in the centre of the board. The game ends when a player lands on the explosion and the player furthest away from the explosion at this point is the winner! 

Pass the Bomb

When it is your turn, you roll the die and start the time-bomb. The die will specify whether you must play a word challenge or a dexterity challenge. 

If you throw one of the three word challenges, you select a card from the relevant category and quickly come up with a word that meets the challenge criteria. Once you have, you can pass on the time-bomb!

Pass the Bomb

For the dexterity challenges, you are tasked with putting together a puzzle as quickly as possible as well as bouncing a ball into a cup. It's not easy with the threat of a time-bomb detonating! 

I really enjoyed playing this game and it was my favourite game out of the three I have reviewed. It is suitable for ages 8+. It is great for family fun and I'm confident it would also make a really fun game to play with friends one evening too!

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*Disclosure: We were kindly sent these games in exchange for an honest review!