Why Solid Wood Flooring is the ideal choice for your family home

There's no denying it, as wonderful as family life can be, it can certainly put a strain on your home's interior. Whilst, one day you may look back with fondness at the times your little ones made grubby handprints on the walls, it can certainly take a bit of maintenance to keep your home looking its best in the here and now! There are many ways to ensure your home is more child-proof; buying sofas with washable covers or opting for easy-to-clean paint for the walls, for example. But by and far, one of the best options to help your home stand the family test of time is to invest in a quality solid wood flooring. Here are just a few reasons why solid wood flooring is the ideal choice for your family home.


It's durable and long lasting
Solid wood flooring is cut from one piece of wood making it incredibly durable. It is long lasting and will need minimum maintenance to keep it looking its best.

It's easy to clean
Solid wood flooring needs only a simple brush and wipe to keep it clean and free from dirt and grime. This is ideal for families with children especially when your little ones are small and more likely to drop and spill food and drink items. Solid wood floors are more hygienic than carpets.

Health benefits
Ensuring your floors are easy to clean has great health benefits. Whereas carpets are home to an array of parasites, your solid wood floors can be kept spotless. This will give great piece of mind especially for when your children are crawling and playing on the floor.


Timeless and stylish
As your children grow, different trends will come and go. Your personal preferences for the style and decor of your home may change as the years pass and whilst you may change the colour themes and furniture in your home, your solid wood floor will remain a much loved feature of your home, complimenting any trend you desire. A solid wood floor will look beautiful in your child's nursery whilst also supporting any style they opt for in their bedrooms throughout the teenage years.

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