Ways to give your home an external makeover

Have you found yourself looking longingly at your neighbour’s house? Are you worried your home may be the scruffiest on the street? Don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to give your home a much-needed external makeover.


Here a just a few suggestions you might wish to consider.

Give it a new coat
There are a few ways to give the outside of your home a bit of sparkle. So, what are the options?

Rendering or re-rendering is one option. If your home has an older style render, such as pebbledash, it may be time for a makeover. Or perhaps you own a boxy brick-built house in need of a bit of kerb appeal? Render may be a good way to modernise the look of your home. Be aware that house rendering prices will vary. Prices will be determined by much work is involved, such as preparing the walls or removing any old render.

If your home is already rendered and in reasonable condition but a bit drab looking, then it may just require a few coats of paint. Go for a good quality masonry paint so the work will last a few years.

Doors and windows
Upgrading your windows to double or triple glazing is the next thing you could consider. You may already have double glazing, but think about investing in newer windows, especially if any seals have blown. This is a great opportunity to choose windows that suit the style and age of your home.

Whilst you’re upgrading your windows it may be wise to look at a new front door. The company you choose to fit your windows may be able to do this at the same time, and potentially save you a bit of money.

Walls and fences
There’s nothing worse than broken fences and neglected walls to make a property look scruffy. Fixing or replacing any boundary fences, walls or railings will instantly smarten up the outside of your home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a hedge at the front of your home, then make sure you keep it trimmed and looking its best.

The front path and garden
Even if you don’t have much space in your front garden, you can still make it look good. A small, gravelled area can still be smartened up with some pretty, manicured shrubs planted up in stylish containers.

Cracked paving slabs, weeds and untidy bins all detract from your home’s kerb appeal, but are simple to fix.