Eco-Friendly Packaging from Lil Packaging

Like many people, due to the recent pandemic and lockdown restrictions, I have turned to online shopping as a way of reducing the time our family needs to spend in shops. As a result, it has been possible to observe the differences between the packaging used to send out the items, from (and most commonly) plastic bags and jiffy bags to cardboard sleeves and cardboard boxes for example. Unfortunately, much of the packaging has not been recyclable and so whilst I will keep a selection to reuse when sending items out to friends and family for example, I've had to place much of it straight into the bin which not only seems wasteful but is also harmful to the environment. It has certainly been food for food in regards to the packaging my own business uses to send items out to customers. Currently we use a mixture of jiffy bags or cardboard boxes depending on the size or type of item ordered but going forward we will certainly make the move towards using more environmentally friendly packaging. 


I was delighted to discover Lil packaging, a packaging suppliers based in the UK who are passionate about providing sustainable, plastic free and ocean friendly packaging. They work with some of the biggest retailers, helping them to make the move towards using plastic-free packaging. As a result they have significantly helped to reduce 1000's of tonnes of plastic ending up in landfill!

Lil packaging offer a variety of different packaging solutions including cardboard boxes in a range of different strengths, sizes and shapes. They also offer envelopes which are 100% recyclable and have also been made using recycled board. The thick board offers a snug and protective fit around items; these would be perfect for some of the smaller items we send out to customers! I was excited to learn they even stock eco-friendly mailing bags. Usually the word 'bag' is synonymous with the word 'plastic' but the bags from Lil Packaging are plastic free and 100% biodegradable! Showing your customers that you have given thought to the environment can only serve to further increase the good name of your company. 

Lil Packaging offer many different options for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging but can also create custom made packaging for businesses. This not only serves to ensure the business has the desired size, shape and design of packaging but also helps the business save time on packaging up items, after all, nobody likes a long wait for an item after they have placed an order. Giving careful thought to your packaging makes a world of difference, for example, a box that fits perfectly through a letter box is a much more efficient and professional option to one that only just fits resulting in the packaging looking scraped or misshapen. Furthermore, printed packaging goes that one step further in adding value to your brand. Personally, when I receive custom printed, carefully designed packaging I always feel a little like I'm unwrapping a Christmas present; it definitely adds to the shopping experience!

Lil Packaging have many different options to ensure your packaging needs are met and these are at competitive prices too. Whatever size your business is, it can make the world of difference to give some thought towards the packaging you use to send out items; maximising your time, promoting your business, protecting the items in transit, enhancing the customer's experience and helping to protect the environment too! 

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