Christmas Gift Ideas- Remote Controlled Toys

If you're looking for some gift inspiration for children this year, you may like to consider a remote controlled toy. Remote controlled toys provide endless fun for little ones. They help them to develop hand eye coordination and learn about cause and effect too. Here is a pick of some fabulous remote controlled toys that your children will love.

RC Robot Dog
This remote controlled dog can walk, bark, wink, sing and dance and can also be programmed. What fun!
This dinosaur can fight, walk, slide and walk. By touching the interactive respondent area in its head, he will shake his head and wag his tail. He can even be programmed via the programme button. 

Robot dinosaur

This robot is fully programmable and also features a sensor receiver zone where it can respond to various gesture demands. It also can freely patrol and what's more, it can sing and dance. So many great functions!


Racing cars are so much fun and this one certainly won't disappoint. It can reach speeds of up to 18km/h and has great features like a flexible drift, anti-slip tyres and a shock absorber. It has an easy to learn remote controller which is great for beginners. 

Remote controlled car

This remote controlled stunt car does 360° spins and 180° flips. Children will love how it twists and turns, bouncing of walls and shooting along the floor! 

stunt car toy

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