Dino Yogurt Eggs From Fruit bowl!

Now the children are back at school, each morning they require a packed lunch to be made for them to take in. Now, my boys are quite picky and so it can be a real challenge to create them a lunch that is both varied and interesting. We were recently invited to try the new Dino Yogurt Eggs from Fruit Bowl and the boys were simply delighted to discover a packet of them in their packed lunch!

Dino eggs
Dino Yogurt Eggs are yogurt coated raisins designed to look just like mini dinosaur eggs! The raisins are covered with a speckled red, blue and green yogurt shell made with natural colouring. The colourful and interesting design is really appealing for little ones; my little raptors devoured them!

The Dino Yogurt Eggs were a hit for my boys and I enjoyed them too. The raisins are juicy and the yogurt shell is creamy and delicious so they were a perfect treat for us all. 

The Dino Yogurt Eggs are contained in a fun and exciting packet featuring one of four different dinosaurs. My boys were excited to discover which dinosaur they would discover in their lunch box (the T-rex and Triceratops were both very sought after by both boys!)

They are available in Morrisons and Waitrose Stores. Why not hunt down these exciting snacks for your little raptors? 

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