Just-for-you personalised subscription boxes from Piccolo

Watching your baby explore foods and discover tastes for the very fist time as they begin their weaning journey is an exciting time. It can however, seem a little overwhelming at times and you may be plagued with questions in regards to what exactly you should be feeding your baby, whether you're feeding them the 'right' foods, if they have enough variety and if the food is tasty and appetising enough for them, for example. The list goes on! And so I was delighted to discover that the new Piccolo Just-For-You subscription boxes serve to remove this stress, helping you to introduce your baby to nutritious, exciting and varied food for them to enjoy! What is truly special about these boxes is that they are tailored to your little one's specific needs and lifestyle.


Piccolo produce high quality, organic healthy meals and snacks as well as a cooking range and formula milk for little ones. This is available from a range of different high-street and online stores as well as from their website. The new Just-For-You box enables their wonderful food to be delivered straight to your door. The box contains an array of meals and snacks for your child, designed to meet their unique needs. When you sign up you are asked a series of questions including their name, age, what you would like your box to contain (eg, formula, cooking products or ready made food and snacks), any allergies or dietary restrictions that they may have, your specific goals for your child's food journey as well as how often you would like the boxes to be sent. The latter gives you the option to choose the frequency of when and how the food will be served, for example, you may wish to serve it once a day to supplement other meals, or you may opt for more often. Piccolo will then put together a box based on your answers which will be sent to you via courier service.


The boxes can be paused, delayed or cancelled at any time to fit in around your individual circumstances and preferences. You'll be sent a reminder before the next box ships so you can make any changes as required.

What I love about the service is that they will change and tailor the box as your little one grows, for example adding dairy, protein and texture as your baby is ready.

The box is beautifully presented and packaged so it feels like a real treat when it arrives. My baby's was jam-packed with delicious pouches ready for him to begin his weaning journey in a couple of months. There was varied selection of different and exciting pouches for him to try so he will be able to try lots of different fruits and vegetables. Rather than being a little daunted by commencing the weaning journey as I was with my first two babies, I'm really looking forward to it with my littlest boy and I can't wait to see what he makes of all the different tastes and flavour combinations.


I've been really impressed with the Just-For-You subscription boxes from Piccolo. The process of ordering is straightforward and the box I received was well packaged and full of exciting pouches for my baby boy to try. It's a thumbs up from us! You can visit Piccolo here!

*I was kindly gifted a subscription box in exchange for an honest review.