sensory play with zimplii kids!

If your children are anything like mine they will simply love anything slime and goo related! Slime and goo products will honestly keep my boys entertained for hours and so when Zimplii Kids got in touch to see if we would like to review some of their products, I jumped at the chance. Now we are back in a second lockdown in the UK, anything that can keep them entertained is currently worth its weight in gold!

Zimplii Kids design and manufacture innovative, safe and child-friendly products to encourage sensory play. We were sent a bundle of products to explore which includes products from their Gelli Baff and Slime Baff range. It was great to discover that these products are eco-friendly, certified biodegradable, stain-free and safe for your little ones. So what did we think?

First up the boys wanted to explore the Gelli. Being fans of the YouTube sensation that is Ryan's World, the Ryan's World Gelli Worlds set really appealed to them. It contains an inflatable tray, 6 fun figures and 5 blue Gelli powder bags. It couldn't have been easier to set this up. You simply mix 3 litres of water with one of the gel powder sachets and mix it together. My boys enjoyed stirring it with their fingers and watching the consistency change. After a little while the water is transformed into the gelli and the fun begins. My boys had a great time with this set. They played with the little characters in the gelli for a good hour and I even managed to drink a cup of tea in peace! The inflatable tray provides a handy container for the gelli but, (and I should have foreseen this seeing as I know my boys rather well) they did get the gelli everywhere- all over the table, all over the carpet, all over their clothes and in their hair. I was so relieved to discover that the gelli didn't stain and was easy to clean up especially from the carpet! There's no trace of it anywhere now and what was remaining in the inflatable tray could be flushed down the toilet, as per the instructions. I think for anyone with children that aren't quite as excitable and destructive as my two biggest boys, then the inflatable tray would do a great job of containing the gelli. I will certainly pop a splash mat down next time for ease of cleaning up but there was genuinely no harm done as a result of it getting on the carpet and on their clothes.

Ryan's World

Ryan's world

Ryan's World gelli

Ryan's World Gelli

Ryan's world gelli

The fact that there are a further 4 packs of gelli means this product can be used more than once. You can also purchase packs of Gelli Play to use for future sensory play and this would also enable you to enjoy the Ryan's World set, or any of the other World sets for much longer. We were sent a packet of Gelli Play which can make up to 10 litres of the gelli, perfect for continuing the gelli fun! These retail at just £2.99!

Next up the boys were keen to explore the Zimplii Play Slime Baff. This enables you to transform the bath water into some oozy, gooey slime. I'll admit I wasn't too sure how this would go. After witnessing the dining room after they explored the gelli play and knowing what the pair of them are like at bathtime (the bubbles don't just stay in the bath!) I had visions of slime everywhere; up the walls, in their hair, on the floor etc and I was a bit daunted at the thought of having to clean it up. But I had to admit it did look like fun. The powder is again added to the water and after a while and a little bit of mixing, it takes on the slimy texture that children simply love. You can then add extra water to get the desired consistency. My four year old was keen to get straight in and had a wonderful time but my 7 year old was less keen to immerse himself in it and decided to just play with it with his hands over the side of the bath. When my four year old was ready to get out, the slime could be drained away with ease just by adding extra water. I then showered him to get the remaining slime off him (be careful if you do this as it becomes very slippery underfoot). My concerns about the ease of the cleaning up process were instantly eased as it could not have been simpler and didn't take much time to do. Despite the bright red colour of the slime, there was no staining on the bath tub and no evidence of the slime to be found! 

Slime baff

slime baff

slime baff

slime baff

The slime is available in a variety of colours. We were also sent a glittery slime for them to have a shimmering slime bath! The Zimplii Slime Baffs retail at £4.99 so they make a great stocking filler or pocket money treat for your little ones. 

glitter slime baff

The boys were also delighted to discover they had been sent a Gelli Bath to explore too. This is available in a range of different colours and enables them to explore sitting in the gelli, as opposed to the slime. It has a really interesting texture and is so much fun to play with. Once the gelli fun is over, it's easy to drain away by adding the enclosed dissolver powder! 

The boys had a lot of fun this weekend exploring the products from Zimplii Kids. I have been impressed at how easy the products are to use and that they are both easy to clean  up and safe to use. They are also great value for money too! To find out more and explore the range of products on offer, just click here!

*Disclaimer: we were kindly sent the products in exchange for an honest review.