5 Things In The US That Make You Want To Move There

The good old US-of-A, is a mark apart from the other countries in the world. It's the richest, one of the largest, and one of the most recognised nations in the world. Everyone and their pet dog know what the American flag looks like. Not to mention, it's also one of the most influential cultures in the world. The music, the food, the incredible luxury hotels, the entertainment and the fashion, are all things that we are almost always drawn to. If you are thinking about moving to the USA but want a little push to get the ball rolling, here are 5 uniquely American things that will make you want to apply for citizenship today.

Landscape diversity
The country is very complex, geographically speaking. For one thing, the north of the nation is cold and with lots of rivers and lakes. Up by the border near Canada, you can really feel like you’re in the French Alps, or the Swiss mountains. The culture is different as many of the states rely on tourism, their sports teams and their seasonal festivals for the majority of their income. In the south, it's dry, hot and in some parts tropical. It's great for those who love beaches, cocktail restaurants and want to enjoy watersports.

The cuisine options
Without a doubt, America is the most diverse when it comes to cuisines. There are over 100 different ethnicities in the country, leading to just as many different kinds of cuisines and restaurants. You are never too far from a Greek, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, German, Mexican or Russian restaurant. You are literally spoiled for choice in every city and town.

Easy travels
If you haven’t seen a map of the typical American city lately, you will be surprised at how easy it is to get from one place to another. Even if you’re trying to get to work or leisure activity that is 30-50 miles away, it will only take 30-45-minutes. There are thousands and thousands of miles of straight roads and highways. Unlike Europe where twisty roads are the norm, in the USA the roads have been designed without the need to go around historic sites.

Need we say more? If you want to start your own business, be your own boss or get promoted quickly, the USA is the place to be. There are countless opportunities to make a living, the rules and regulations are not as stiff as some other countries, so you can make your own income and chase your career goals with fewer hurdles in the way.

Easy application
The US accepts 1.1 million people into the country every single year. You can apply for a us citizenship application online with the help of related services. They’ll run you through the process online no matter where you are, so you can get all the documents you need in order. It's one of the easiest emigrating processes in the world.

The USA is such a unique and alluring country, it's little wonder millions of people arrive at its doors each year. What other things do you think would make you want to move to the US?

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