Why buy from a food wholesaler?

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Whether you are thinking of starting bulk buying food for your home or have a small independent food shop and are looking for new suppliers, I’m going to talk about the advantages of buying wholesale and will also share my go-to UK food wholesaler.


Firstly, I’ll talk about my go-to food wholesaler first before jumping into anything else. If you are looking for food wholesalers, Springvale Foods is a great option! Springvale Foods is a family-run business that specialises in sourcing and supplying artisan fine foods from across the globe.

You might be searching for food wholesalers near me, food wholesalers for restaurants or even food wholesalers for public – Springvale Foods offers free mainland UK delivery on orders over £100. They can also supply their wholesale artisan food to other areas of the country. I’d recommend contacting them for more information.

What is a food wholesaler?

First and foremost, I think it’s important to explain what a food wholesaler is. As this article on Chron explains, “Food wholesalers and distributors act as middlemen, getting food products onto the shelves of retailers so they can eventually land in the hands of customers.”

The advantages of buying wholesale food.

1. Save money
Buying bulk is also a synonym of saving money. Why buy your favourite kombucha at the supermarket every other day (or every day!) when you can buy a box full of your favourite kombucha at a cheaper price? This applies to any food or drinks you might enjoy. So, if you don’t like kombucha don’t let this put you off.

Plus, many food wholesalers are also short dated food wholesalers, who can supply delicious foods at a cheaper price due to short shelf life. Springvale Foods offer a wide range of clearance foods every month, including short date products and last chance products.

2. Never run out of food
As Really Missing Sleep comments “Never run out of products or, at least, never run out of the products you use the most by always having some at hand or in the back of your cupboard.” She recommends buying in bulk the foods you use most often, including tea, coffee, spices, seeds, pasta, grains.


3. Save time
Instead of having to go to the supermarket every time you need to buy any and all ingredients for your recipes, by having bulk foods already stored in your cupboards, you are saving much of your precious time.

Have you ever bought from food wholesalers? If yes, what was your experience?