Encouraging your child to get involved in extra-curricular activities will benefit them in numerous ways, aside from teaching them new skills. As long as it’s something they enjoy doing, they’ll look forward to switching off from school work and immersing themselves in an activity which stimulates them. Here a private college in the UK explores the many benefits of extra-curricular activities for children.

child football

Social skills
Engaging with children outside of their normal peer group at school will allow your child to develop their interpersonal skills and learn how to respond to different personalities and behaviours. They’ll build relationships and connections with children who share the same interests as them, and expand on their teamwork and communication skills. Having different circles of friends will also help them not become too reliant on particular friendships while teaching them that relationships change over time.

Discipline and commitment

Through having responsibilities and being part of a team your child will learn the value of being committed to a project and to other people. They’ll also learn about discipline and applying themselves to one thing with dedication and perseverance. This understanding of commitment might help them overcome any stumbling blocks with their school work or in other areas of life as they realise they have to keep trying and persist if they want to achieve their goals.

Building confidence
Taking part in activities outside of school can be a great way for children to increase their confidence, particularly if they find academic work challenging. Your child might find something they’re really good at away from the classroom, which will boost their self-esteem while helping them realise that academic learning isn’t everything. As long as you encourage them in their extra-curricular activities and praise them when they do well, they’ll feel good about themselves and their abilities.

Expanding their interests
Giving your child opportunities to try out different things will help them figure out what they most like doing and enable them to develop a passion for something (or several things!). We never know if we will like doing certain things until we try them, so provide ample chances for your child to give things a go with gentle encouragement and support.

Participating in extra-curricular activities is an important part of children’s overall emotional, mental and physical development. Being willing to try different things and expand their interests will reap numerous benefits for them as they grow and mature.

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