Unique and Useful Baby Products

Life with a baby is all kinds of wonderful but it can certainly keep you on your toes. From navigating your way through sleepless nights, managing multiple nappy changes to beginning the weaning journey, the days can be varied and at times if we're honest, a little hectic (it's a good job they're so cute!) But whichever stage you're at, there's a product out there to help. Over the last few weeks, I've been trying out some fabulous products which make life that little bit easier. Here is a selection of some of my favourite. 

Beatrix Potter Changing Backpack
When you leave the house with a baby, you need to be prepared for every eventuality, making sure you have to hand everything the baby might need in the time you're out. This can include wipes, nappies, nappy bags, bottles, two or three spare outfits, snacks, creams... the list goes on and on! And so it's worth treating yourself to a baby changing bag as you will certainly get use of it. I really love the Beatrix Potter Changing Backpack found at Enesco. It is perfectly sized to fit everything your baby needs with room for your own things too. It is made with wipeable PU fabric and the backpack design is really practical, leaving you handsfree which is always a plus when tending to baby! It also has the most delightful design; people always stop us to tell us how much they love the bag. You can find one here

Nupeaa Bottle Warmer Active
I'm obsessed with the Nupeaa Bottle Warmer Active. It's a device that enables you to warm baby's bottles to the perfect temperature when you're on the go. Traditional bottle warmers are designed to be stationary meaning you can't take them out with you when you're out and about, resulting in you needing to pack flasks, bottles and other necessities. The Bottle Warmer Active however, is designed to be portable enabling you to quickly and easily warm baby's bottle. You can select the desired temperature and baby's milk will be ready in as little as 4 minutes. When fully charged it holds the temperature for 6 hours. It is slim, sleek and stylish, not to mention incredibly useful. It even comes with a one press formula dispenser so you can make the perfect bottle in no time! I wish I'd have had one of these when my first two boys were babies! Find out more and get yours here


A product that keeps your baby calm and settled whilst promoting sleep, is surely worth its weight in gold. Enter the SNOObear, a cuddly, snuggly bear with a white noise machine in its tummy. It plays the same sounds, plus some new ones, as the innovative and award-winning SNOO Smart Sleeper, helping baby transition from SNOO to a cot. It's also perfect just on it's own. The 6 soothing sounds it plays help settle baby and once the sounds have stopped, the bear 'pays attention' to any noises the baby makes so it can be ready to provide some more soothing sounds. It has finger holes in the arms so you can use it like a puppet which baby will love. It also can attach to baby's pram so they can be soothed on the go. We loved it! Find out more and get yours here

Minimani Baby Nail File
As every new parent will discover, cutting baby's teeny tiny finger nails can be particularly daunting. It's certainly not the easiest job to trim a wiggly baby's fingernails, particularly as many existing nailcare products such traditional nail clippers, can be bulky to use on tiny fingers and not to mention sharp. This is where the minimani comes in; it's a battery powered nail file which enables you to file baby's nails whilst they sleep or play. It is really quiet so won't wake them or frighten them. It has three different filing heads and 2 speed controls with left and right rotation options. It is safe and gentle yet effective too. I love that it has a light on it so you can file away when baby is sleeping. It is lightweight and comes in a handy storage box too. What a fantastic product! Find yours here
Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons
Weaning baby can be lots of fun and even more so when you find a product to help make the process a little more smooth sailing. The Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons have a patented White® Hot System where the spoon tip changes to white if the food is too hot for baby. The soft tips are really gentle on baby's gums and they also have long handles to assist in highchair feeding. They come in bright colours which your baby will love and this also encourages them to hold and explore the spoons themselves paving the way for self-feeding. Find out more here.


*Disclaimer- we were kindly sent the first four items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.