Maintaining Independence at Home with Age UK Mobility

As we become older, there may come a point where we need a little extra help in order for us to remain mobile, safe and independent within our homes. Home adaptions are changes you can make to your home in order to ensure you can move around safely and carry out everyday tasks.

There are many adaptions that can be made within your home to assist you in maintaining your independence. Age UK Mobility provide a invaluable service which provides elderly care including mobility aids for the elderly, firstly providing you with a free no obligation survey and then ascertaining your individual needs in order to make recommendations on the particular product/ service to suit. They arrange for the items to be installed and also ensure that you are happy and confident in using the products. Their trained mobility advisors are to hand for any queries and advice needed.

elderly couple walking and maintaining independence at home

Here are a few products that Age UK Mobility can assist with...

Walking up and down the stairs can be a challenge if you have reduced mobility. A stairlift is an ideal option for those that wish to remain in their home rather than moving to a bungalow or another stairless residence. There are many different sizes and shapes of stairlifts but the two main types are those that travel straight up and down and those that can navigate a curve within a staircase. You can get regular seats for them or perch seats which are used for those that find sitting down difficult or where they have a narrow staircase.

Walk in baths and showers
Walk in baths and showers are an ideal option for those with reduced mobility as they reduce the likelihood of falling and slipping on wet floors and don't require you to climb over and into your bathtub in order to use them. They have a range of different walk in showers and baths so you can find the right one to suit you and your home. The range has additional mobility features such as non slip trays, powered seats and temperature controlled taps, for example. 

Bathroom accessories
To ensure safety and ease of use is maximised, Age UK Mobility are also able to install additional features such as grab rails, drop down rails, lever action taps, shower seats and accessible sanitary ware such as taller WCs.

For more help and information visit Age UK Mobility here

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