How to Raise a Respectful Child

Respect is the basis for building relationships, and it can help your child to connect and learn from others. We have teamed up with a prep school in Herts to share some advice on how to raise a respectful child.

Child outside

Set Boundaries
Setting boundaries at home can teach your child to respect those of others. This can help them to be mindful of feelings, develop patience and consideration. To do this, you can create a list of house rules and put constructive consequences in place. For example, you might get them to look up a bad word that they shouldn’t have used and get them to write down its meaning several times.

Use Praise to Reward Good Behaviour
Recognising and praising good behaviour is just as important when teaching your child how to be respectful. It can act as a motivator and over time this will become second nature to them.

Politeness and manners are simple ways to show respect. To teach your child how to use their manners, you can role-play situations to help them understand when to use them and give an explanation of why. Modelling this behaviour can also help them to pick up on it too.

How to Deal with Disagreements
In life, you are more than likely to butt heads with others and teaching your child how to remain respectful in these situations can help them to avoid conflict and even learn from others. To do this, you can encourage them to ask questions so that they can understand differing points of view and teach them that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

This stems from the last point that your child will always be faced with a difference of opinion. Being exposed to that from a young age can help them to understand why differences are important, appreciate them and live-in cohesion with others. To do this, you can introduce your child to different beliefs, teach them about equality and question prejudice.

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