What is a retractable roof pergola?

I’m sure you know all about traditional wooden pergolas but do you know what retractable roof pergolas are? To be honest, I didn’t know these were a thing until a few weeks ago, and now I’m here sharing everything I know about retractable roof pergolas with you.


I think retractable roofs will be the future – they are highly practical and as modern as a roof can get. Retractable roof pergolas are so stunning that I can’t stop dreaming about adding one to my back garden. I mean… who wouldn’t want to be able to use their outdoor space all year round? That’s something you can do with a pergola that has a retractable roof.

I found out about retractable roof pergolas at Designer Shade Solutions. They started over twenty years ago selling shade systems in Australia, and now have offices in London and Dublin as well. They create bespoke shade solutions for homes and commercial spaces all across the country, and most of these include retractable roofs!

Traditional pergolas vs modern pergolas.
I’ve always loved the look of pergolas – wooden pergolas, metal pergolas… pergolas, in general, are stunning and will look great in any back garden. However, traditional pergolas are not really practical for British homes, don’t you think?

As Just Eilidh explains, “The roof of standard or traditional pergolas is usually left open, which makes them an unlikely choice for British homes. Standard pergolas are great during the summer but when the weather turns south, the last thing you want is to be under an open roof structure.”

What are retractable roof pergolas?
Retractable roof pergolas, as it says on the name, are pergolas that have a roof which can retract. “The retractable roofs that Designer Shade Solutions can be easily open if the weather is nice, if it starts to rain, the roof can be closed, and for some shade, the roof slabs can be tilted.” explains Captain Bobcat in a recent blog post.

A pergola with a retractable roof is the modern alternative to traditional wooden pergolas. Maybe you want to have a wooden pergola with a retractable roof or you like the look of metal pergolas with retractable roofs. Either way, at Designer Shade Solutions, they can create and install a custom pergola to suit your shade requirements!


Versatile outdoor shade systems

What Mummy Thinks says, “These bespoke pergolas can be used all around your outdoor space. You can choose to integrate a modern pergola into your property as an extension to your current living space or you can choose to go for a self-supporting modern pergola which can be installed anywhere in your outdoor area.”

These modern pergolas are highly versatile, functional and luxurious. And that’s not all! These pergolas can be fully customised – do you want heating, lighting, or a complete weatherproof space? You can have it. Can you tell I want one in my back garden?

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