Start selling your products online with a Magento website

Have you recently started selling the homemade goodies you began making during lockdown? Perhaps you have been dreaming about starting your own business for a while or maybe you already have a business selling products across the country – take it to the next level with a Magento website.

No matter the size of your business, from small independent shops to large enterprises, no matter the type of business, from B2C food businesses to B2B clothing shops, having a Magento website will help your business bloom online. To give an expert’s opinion, I’ve partnered up with Ad Lab, Magento Web Design Agency UK.

selling productsm Magento

What is Magento?

Magento is an eCommerce platform suitable for any business. In 2018, Magento was purchased by Adobe and is now been renamed Adobe Commerce. As an open-source platform, you will have full control of your website – how you want it to look, special features specific to your brand and more.

With an eCommerce website, “you will have a fully customisable online store that encourages loyalty and brand recognition. Plus, you will have full control of your whole store, giving you increased marketing opportunities, the chance to retarget to customers and even a reduced cost per sale.” As Mamma Prada says.

Benefits of Magento.

- Open Source Platform

- High Versatility

- Responsive and Secure

- User-Friendly

- Highly Scalable

- Multiple Stores Under One Installation

As Adobe puts it, “Magento has transformed the industry by making commerce technology open to everyone, available everywhere, and powered by the ingenuity of an incredible global community. As the first major open-source platform for commerce, Magento has given merchants unprecedented flexibility and choice to be creative, innovative, and to go to market in highly differentiated ways.”

Magento website

In addition to this, Magento is incredibly scalable. A Magento website will grow with your business and will allow you to sell from 5 products to 5000 products and more. Plus, with the ability to have multiple stores under one installation, you can easily create stores in other languages or even other online business ventures under the one installation of Magento, making it easier to manage it all.

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