Maintain Independence By Adapting Your Home

As we grow older there may be certain adaptations we need to make in our home in order for us to maintain independence, to ensure we can carry out our daily living skills and in turn ensure we have a sufficient quality of life. 

Ensuring we can keep safe and remain mobile in our homes is of utmost importance. This ensures we avoid unnecessary injury and are also able to access the things we need to keep well, warm and comfortable. This article looks at a few of the ways we can adapt our homes. 

adapt home for elderly

If you have reduced mobility, moving up and down the stairs can be very challenging but a stairlift can make moving up and down the stairs much easier. A stairlift is the ideal option for an individual that wishes to stay in their home rather than move to a bungalow or another stairless residence. Finding the right stairlift to suit you and your home is important and so it's vital to find a trained advisor like those found at Companion Stairlifts who can support, advise and assist you in the process. 

Moving around your home
For support and stability as you move around your home, you may like to consider grab rails. These can be placed in a variety of different locations throughout your home. For example, you may require them where floors are uneven or where obstacles need to be navigated or you can use them to support you in getting in and out of chairs, off the toilet, or in and out of bed. 

Walk in baths and showers
Walk in baths and showers are an ideal option for those with reduced mobility as they reduce the likelihood of falling and slipping on wet floors and don't require you to climb over and into your bathtub in order to use them. There are a range of different walk in showers and baths available so you can find the right one to suit you and your home. You can also consider having additional mobility features fitted such as non slip trays, powered seats and temperature controlled taps, for example.

Bedroom Aids
There are a number of ways that you may wish to adapt your bedroom to assist you in getting in and out of bed. Electronic profiling beds, transfer boards and supportive cushions and pillows are just a few of the ways you can enhance your mobility and increase comfort in your bedroom. 

Living Room
Riser recliner chairs can aid you in sitting down and standing up in an effortless manner. There are also a number of different products that can also assist you in the living room such as overchair tables, leg and footstools, furniture raisers and anti slips mats for example. 

You can find more help and advice on maintaining your independence, enhancing your comfort and keeping safe at Age UK

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