7 Stimulating Colours to Incorporate in Your Kitchen Design

Colours play a major role in our lives. Not only do they affect our moods, thoughts and ideas but also add style to our lives.

With the world becoming more and more aware of the importance of colours in interior design, it’s time we upgrade our kitchen designs with some of the most delightful colours. Whether you’re looking for kitchens Northampton or London, the kitchen colours you choose, tell your guests a lot about your personality. Hence, it is essential to choose the colours that elevate your mood and present your personality to the world in an elegant fashion.

However, with so many mind-blowing colour options, choosing the right colour can get a little confusing.

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled some of the most stimulating kitchen colour ideas that are certainly going to add charm to your kitchen design.


1. Bright and Deep Red
Red is a colour of many emotions. Love, hate, passion, anger and joy, all of it can be conveyed with the colour red.

Therefore, you need to be pretty careful about the shade of red that you choose for your kitchen design.

Two opposing, elegant and exceptional kitchen colour ideas are bright red and deep red. While bright red brilliantly captures the essence of the modern interior, deep red portrays a unique, elegant sense of grandeur.

2. Minimalistic, Pastel Pink
A light shade of pastel pink with a minimalistic kitchen design is certainly one of the most tranquil interior design ideas on this list.

Evoking feelings of warmth, love and positivity, pink is a brilliant kitchen colour for a family.

You can also compliment this colour with the help of a few flowers, paintings and other charming accessories.

3. Vibrant Orange
Often used in high-end bars and restaurants, the colour orange exudes a strong vibrance and an aura of celebration.

This splendid kitchen colour portrays a sense of confidence, joy and youthful opulence that attracts attention from its viewers.

Using black, dark brown and wooden shades to compliment orange in a kitchen can visually enhance the exuberance of your home.

4. Elegant Blue
Often associated with the serene and soothing element, water, blue is one of the warmest, most cheerful and most elegant kitchen colour designs.

Filling your room with togetherness, harmony and an aura of positivity, blue is a great way to lighten your mood and the aura of your home.

Exceptionally complimenting the colour white, this combination is perfect for a loving personality that prefers peace over anything in the world

5. Warm Yellow
Promoting a clearer mind and a social environment, yellow is another great colour for your delightful kitchen interior.

A light shade that is warm yet subtle can certainly do wonders for your kitchen with its peaceful ambience and strong aura.

You can also try combining it with a few more calming colours like white, grey and light brown. This can enhance the positive impact of yellow while also toning down to stronger effects of the colour.

6. Peaceful Green
Green is the colour of nature, peace, and freshness. It is also often associated with prosperity and wealth and is one of the most sought after kitchen colours.

While the colour is pleasing to the eye, one needs to make sure that it’s not used too brightly as that can feel too strong on the eyes.

Using darker shades of green can be a great way to maintain balance, stability and opulence in the kitchen’s design.

7. Beautiful Lavender
Lavender is often associated with spirituality, peace and warmth. It can promote feelings of harmony, love and togetherness in the family and positively appeal to the eyes of the beholder.

Often seen together with white, the colour combination is perfect for evoking feelings of joy, happiness and love.

Using this in your kitchen is a great way to keep negative feelings at bay and create a more positive atmosphere.

We just observed seven exceptional kitchen colour ideas that can elegantly complement your kitchen interior.

If you wish to choose any of these colours in different sets of combinations, we suggest you get the opinion of an interior designer.

While these were only some of the most amazing options, you can always try and experiment with different shades of the above-mentioned colours.

*Collaborative post