Is a career in teaching for you?

When we cast our minds back to our school days, we can all remember that one teacher that we just really liked. Perhaps they inspired us, made us laugh, helped us to achieve a certain skill or simply enabled us to just be ourselves, whatever the reason, the fact you remember them after all this time is perhaps testament to their skill and dedication at their job. 

Being a teacher has so many benefits and being able to help a child reach their potential is perhaps one of the most profound. If you're considering a career in teaching then take a look below at just some of the reasons why it could be for you!


Children are amazing! They are curious, eager to learn and open to new experiences. Teachers have the ability to influence, encourage and inspire children, helping them to reach their potential. That comes with a job satisfaction like no other!

Share your passion
If you have an area of interest or expertise, what could be more more valuable than sharing that information and experience with a new generation!

Career for life
Teaching is certainly one job that you can do for the whole of your working life. What's more, you can be sure that no two days will ever be the same!

There will always be opportunities to progress in your career if you wish to do so including heads of department, deputy or headteacher jobs for example. 

Job availability
There will always be a need for teachers so you can be sure that you'll find employment after you qualify. For support in finding the perfect role for you or if you're looking for the next step in your career, i-teachers are there to assist you. Perhaps you're looking for your new role after graduating from university and would like to explore whether a career in education is for you. If so, i-teachers are on hand to support you with graduate teacher recruitment. You will get to experience teaching first hand and ‘test the water’ before you dedicate yourself to a PGCE or other teacher training course.

Be a lifelong learner
Teaching your favourite subject is one way of keeping abreast of all the latest developments within that area so you'll always be learning. You may be the teacher but you'll also be learning so much from the children too and their curious minds will keep you on your toes!

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