Celebrating Anniversaries with Boomf

Recently I was browsing for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary Card and was thrilled to discover Boomf

Boomf are an online cards and gifts shop with an array of unique personalised cards and gifts! If you're looking for that special card and/0r gift to send your loved one than Boomf is your answer! 

They specialise in funny, unique and quirky cards and gifts which are sure to make the recipient smile. There's nothing quite like a personalised card or gift; you can be sure that it will be treasured by the lucky recipient. They are the perfect way to let that special someone know that you are thinking of them as well as presenting them with a truly individualised item. I loved exploring the different designs available and was also excited to learn that you can create your own design from scratch.


When it comes to greetings cards, Boomf even goes one step further with their range of exciting exploding confetti cards and flutter cards. The Boomf Bomb is their original cube photo card that explodes into a 3d cube in a shower of confetti! You can chose to add photos or one of their fabulous designs to create a fabulously unique design. You can also purchase a Ta-Dah card where the confetti pops out of a greeting card when the lucky recipient pulls the tab! There is also the option to add a Flying Butterfly which flutters out of the card! 


Boomf are also famous for their delicious personalised marshmallows which can be customised with a photograph or message of choice. This makes such a lovely gift that both children and adults will love. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and as a thank you gift. 

When it comes to choosing a card for a 2nd wedding anniversary or in fact any significant anniversary, you can be sure that Boomf will be on hand with their selection of fun, engaging and entertaining cards that will be sure to delight your loved ones. The option to add photographs and personalise with text means that the card will be completely individualised and unlike any other they will receive, what's more, the exploding confetti cards and butterflies will be sure to add that special element of surprise and celebration. 

Explore the range at Boomf today! 

*Collaborative post