Creating a Gallery Wall with Desenio

If you're looking to add some character, style and individuality to your home, one way is to consider adding some art to the walls. Nothing injects your personality into your home quite as well as displaying your favourite photographs, artwork and prints. They can remind you of happy and treasured moments in time and can invite feelings of joy. There are many different options to consider when selecting wall art and you can tailor it perfectly to express your own personality, passions and interests. 

desenio print

One of my favourite prints which I have in our living room is of sunlight rays seeping through woodland trees. I've had this picture for years and I love it as much as they day I bought it. It makes me think of happy, warm and peaceful summer days. 

Recently, I was introduced to Desenio. They have an array of unique, high quality and affordable Scandinavian prints based on the latest interior design trends. There are thousands of different pieces of art to choose from so you can be confident you'll find the right pieces to suit your home, helping you to create atmosphere, style and individuality. Desenio has a wide range of different designs to choose from and this includes illustrations, photographic prints, black & white images, retro wall art, abstract art and much more. They have unique and beautiful prints for children too which is perfect when it comes to designing and decorating baby's nursery or your children's bedrooms. 

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration or perhaps are unsure where to start when it comes to selecting your prints, Desenio have made the process much easier with the help of their handy Gallery Wall Tool. This tool enables you to select your prints, and to observe them displayed on a wall so that you can determine whether they inspire you, create joy, compliment one another and add value to the decor of your home. Once you've tailored it just right you then have the option to then purchase your selections. It's a great way of bringing your ideas for a gallery wall to life and will help give you confidence to make the selections! 

The gallery wall tool firstly asks you to select one of 7 different backgrounds. You can select one that most closely represents the space that you are working with which is really helpful. You can then change the colour of the walls to reflect that in your own home. After this, you are then prompted to select the orientation of the prints and how you would like them to be displayed on the wall. There are ten different options here so you can really play around with the different displays to determine which one works for you. Next up, you are promoted to select the different prints you would like in each space. This is a really fun process and you can have a real play around with different styles, colours and designs to tailor the display exactly to your specifications. If you've selected any favourites from browsing the website prior to this, you'll be able to access these easily here, or you can play around with the different filters to find the category you desire. 

Desenio art tool

I absolutely love the coast so decided to select some beach inspired prints to see how these would look displayed together. I absolutely love the results!


Once you have selected your prints, you can then explore different frames for them. You can opt for a different colour frame for each print or can have them all in the same style. I selected a white frame which really complimented the whites in the prints I had selected. 

Lastly, you have the option to add your chosen prints and frames to your shopping cart! 

The gallery wall tool was so useful. I have previously steered away from picking out pieces to make a gallery wall, lacking the confidence to know how to put it all together but this process really brings it to life and enables you spend as long as you need playing around with the different art styles, colour combinations and display options. The option to add a frame really helps remove the difficulty of having to go out any buy different sized frames to suit any prints you have selected. 

I was so impressed with the ease of the gallery wall tool and the ordering process. It enabled me to be creative, finely tune the styles I love the most and then have the option to purchase them in the sizes required, all with a frame included! I will definitely use Desenio in the future when styling my home.

Explore the amazing range of prints and the fabulous Gallery Wall Tool at Desenio today.