Style and Comfort With Cocorose London

As busy mums and/ or working women, we may find that we spend much of the day on our feet, dashing around from place to place and our feet really can bear the brunt of this activity.  And so it's only right that we should treat our feet with a little tender loving care. Shoes are an absolute staple for our wardrobes and yet, when it comes to choosing and purchasing them, we often give little thought to finding high quality, durable and comfortable pairs. Well-made, properly fitted shoes ensure that you are supported and stable on your feet, helping to prevent against injury as well as helping you to perform better, for longer.

Recently I was on the lookout for a new pair of trainers. I must admit that until very recently, I was wearing a rather cheap pair of trainers with very little support, yet, as a mum of three boys, I am on my feet for a large portion of each day. Despite, my boys each being equipped with high quality, well-made shoes, I hadn't quite extended the same courtesy to myself and so I was utterly delighted when Cocorose London got in touch to see if I would like to review a pair of their amazing shoes! 

Cocorose London

Cocorose London is a women's footwear brand which specialise in beautiful, well made, comfortable footwear. They have a range of ballerina shoes and trainers which have been carefully crafted to ensure your feet are perfectly supported and cushioned, meaning that they feel really luxurious to wear. They use soft, supple leathers and materials to properly envelop your feet. They also incorporate double cushioned insoles into their shoes to fully support the balls of your feet and your heels. Each pair of shoes has been carefully crafted and made by hand, by real people, rather than by a large machine so you can be confident that they are made with real attention to detail and with care. 

Cocorose London trainers

When the founder Janan, created the company, it was with a desire to empower women. She designed a foldable shoe to free women from the pain and restrictions that heels can bring throughout the working day. She wanted to provide women with another option, one where we can be free to move with ease, with convenience and confidence, breaking down the barriers and pain that so many of us were just uncomfortably enduring. 

I opted to try the beautiful Hoxton- White with Gold Stars Leather Trainers. I was so delighted with them. They feel soft yet amazingly supportive. They have cushioned soles and a padded ankle support with a soft, pillowed tongue. The rubber outer sole feels really durable and strong and hugged my feet beautifully. The leather is soft yet firm and wonderfully robust. It's hard to describe how much I love these shoes but wearing them has made me feel stronger and more energised. This week I attended my yoga teacher training course and it felt so good to put these on for my first week. The supportive feel of the trainers made me feel more confident and that I could rise up to the challenge of completing the course. When our feet are protected and cared for, the feeling of being grounded and protected spreads throughout our whole body giving us the strength to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Cocorose London trainers

I also really love the design of them. The crisp white design with the additional white gold stars is simply gorgeous. They look great teamed with sportswear but also with jeans, or floaty dresses for a laidback casual and chic style. 

I adore my trainers from Cocorose London and will definitely be treating myself to some more pairs soon. Stylish, comfortable and beautiful, you'll never look back!

You can explore the range here

*I was kindly gifted these shoes in exchange for an honest review.