The Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

There are lots of reasons why music lessons are advantageous for young people. Whilst being fun and social, and a welcome break from traditional classroom environments, music lessons also allow children to learn a variety of key skills. Here are some more of the benefits of music lessons, explored by an independent school in London.

child keyboard

Boosts Resilience
Music is one of those skills that usually requires time and commitment. In other words, your child will have to be resilient and keep trying if they want to become adept at a particular musical pursuit. Learning this resilience from a young age is great and will manifest itself in other areas of their life.

Enhances Social Skills
In traditional lessons, like maths or English, children rarely get the opportunity to socialise. In music lessons, on the other hand, they are often asked to work as part of a team. As a result, they are likely to become better communicators and form stronger relationships with their peers.

Increases Brain Development
Research has found that musical training develops the left side of the brain, which is required for language processing and reasoning. What’s more, comprehension of musical language can help a child’s overall mental development and allow them to perform better in other school subjects.

Improves Confidence

As a child becomes more proficient in a particular skill, like playing an instrument, they become increasingly more confident. This is great because confidence will help encourage them to take risks and step out of their comfort zone more frequently.

Relieves Stress
Music is a fantastic stress-relieving tool. This is because it requires one’s full attention, which not only helps with concentration but can also calm the mind. It’s also great fun, so a chance for youngsters to wind down and take a break from the pressures of school life.

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