Introducing Over The Rainbow Books

Is there anything more wonderful in life than completely and utterly immersing yourself in a book? I'm a big fan of reading and have been keen to introduce my little boys to the joys of books from an early age. There's a whole world of discovery for little ones when they delve inside a book; books can transport you back in time, can launch you into the future, fly you through the stars and have you home in time for tea! By introducing children to the joy of reading, you give them the gift of new and exciting worlds, enabling them to journey on an array of spellbinding adventures. Recently I was contacted by Over the Rainbow Books who are an independent, online retailer of children’s books and gifts based in Leicestershire, in the heart of the UK. I couldn't wait to explore their huge range of quality books!

Over The Rainbow Books have a wonderful selection of books to choose from in a variety of different genres. They also cater for a range of different ages too so you'll be sure to find the right book for your child. My boys are currently aged one, six and nine years and there were books suitable for each of them!


My six year old boy is at a great age for illustrated story books. Now he is learning to read, he can even have a go at reading them but he also just loves snuggling down and listening to the story. Over The Rainbow books have a great selection of story books including classic stories like 101 Dalmations and some mor modern titles too!

My eldest boy loves fact and information books and these will often be his choice of book when he reads. He loves learning lots of facts about the things he is interested in; dinosaurs, space, animals... you name it! Over The Rainbow Books have a range of different titles to choose from. He would just love the Knowledge Masters 4 Book Collection!

Lastly, my one year old boy is just at the start of his reading journey and so picture books, pre-school books and interactive books (think books with sounds, flaps, even wheels!) are perfect for him. Over The Rainbow Books has some great options which he will love exploring and will help him to learn about the world around him. Being a busy toddler, sticker books, colouring and painting books are great for keeping him entertained and occupied throughout the day or when we are out and about. The Cocomelon Grab and Go Pack will be perfect for keeping him amused next time we are out in a cafĂ©, for example. It contains a colouring book, sticker sheet and crayons and features the characters from the popular Cocomelon animation!

I loved exploring the range of books from Over The Rainbow Books. There are so many different titles to choose from and the prices are really great too. They even offer free delivery on orders over £10! It was brilliant to discover a store that catered to all three of my boys. I will definitely be placing an order with them very soon!

*Collaborative post