Introducing Nora Reusable Period Wear!

NORA is a brand new, reusable period wear brand that offers you comfort, security and performance! There are so many beneficial reasons to make the switch to reusables: it's better for the environment, kinder to your body and significantly cheaper! With the launch of NORA reusable period wear, there's no better time to make the change!


They have a range of pads, liners, period cups, breast pads and pad bags. Their liner and pad kits enable you to be supported and protected throughout the different stages of your cycle.

You can opt for the brilliant 'Try Me' Kits containing 1 x Liner, 1 x Light, 1 x Moderate and 1 x Heavy Pad or you may like to try the Full Cycle Pad Kit featuring 2 x Liners, 2 x Light, 5 x Moderate, 4 x Heavy and 1 x Maxi. They are available to buy individually or in packs of three. You can also select pads in five different absorbencies: Liner, Light, Moderate, Heavy and Maxi. There's so much choice that you can be sure to find the right ones for you!


So just what makes them so special? Well, the pads are Super-soft, easy-to-use, and super absorbent and you can use them again and again. They have a contoured slim fit with a waterproof bottom and two poppers to securely attach to your underwear. They are easy to wash and reuse and the top layer of them is stain repellent. They even have an elasticated band to keep them folded and secured before and after use. There are no nasty chemicals, bleaches, resins or binders unlike many disposable sanitary wear products. NORA also use recycled materials when creating the pads!

If that wasn't enough, the designs are just fabulous! Who knew you could feel this good on your period!

Nora pads

NORA believe in a movement for change in how we all treat the planet and treat each other and so they donate 1% of their turnover to the charity YoungMinds.

To explore the range and find out more just click here!

*Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted some samples in exchange for an honest review.