What to do if Your Child Doesn't Enjoy School

School can be unbearable for children for a lot of different reasons. There can be some underlying issues that you’re unaware of at first, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on your child’s progress in school and how you can continue to support them.

In this guide from the best boarding school in the UK, we take a look at some of the ways you can help your child learn to enjoy school.


Talk to your child’s teachers
It’s important that you keep in touch with your child’s teachers if there’s a clear lack of interest in going to school. They’ll be able to give you practical advice about what you can do to help your child get back into the groove, such as providing new ways of learning and getting down to the bottom of the real issues.

Talk to your child about what they don’t enjoy
You’re going to have to talk to your child about the issue at some point, and it’s important to have this conversation early on to help them as soon as possible. There may be something deeper going on that your child has been too shy to discuss before, which can be when you can address the situation and work on a solution.

Highlight your child’s strengths
Remind your child of why school is such a valuable place to be. It allows your child to advance their strengths and makes them feel valued as a student. This also gives your child the reminder that school is a great place to feel special, and they know that their skills can be developed further thanks to you showing them their key strengths.

Try a bit of tough love
It’s a tricky situation to be in, but you will have to show your child that they can’t just avoid school forever. Be realistic and explain that they can’t stop going to school, but they should find ways to find it more enjoyable. Extracurricular activities can greatly help with this, which children can discover at any time during school.

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