5 Unique Hobbies for Children

Hobbies of all kinds can be engaging for children, but sometimes your child may struggle to find something that really gets their attention. It’s for this reason that you should try to explore as many hobbies as you can and even explore new and unique hobbies.

In this guide from a private school in Ireland, we take a look at 5 hobbies you could try with your child.

child piano

1. Crochet
Something that’s incredibly easy to pick up and learn is crochet. You can easily buy kits to help your child get started and work on it together as a fun and engaging hobby. Your child could make many marvellous creations from crochet.

2. Upcycling
Something that both you and your child can try together is making some fun creations with some old pieces of furniture. It’s something that can involve painting, learning to gloss an old piece of furniture, or cutting things up. Allow your child to do the safer things while you handle the more complicated stuff.

3. Hiking
A great group activity can be hiking, which can involve your child, their friends or their family very easily. It gives you and/or your child the chance to take stock and explore the natural world around them, both of which are great for their mental health.

4. Picking up an instrument
Learning an instrument can take a lot of effort, but it’s a great way to give your child the core skills they can use in a myriad of ways. From guitar, drums, to learning the flute or violin, your child can explore a new way to enjoy music.

5. Rock climbing
So long as your child is of the right height and age, they can have a go at rock climbing. There are many rock climbing centres around the UK that your child could try, before heading to more challenging environments in the great outdoors.

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