How to Boost Your Child's Creativity

A child should always be developing their creative skills, and it comes from the environment that they grow up in. Parents should always aim to give their children the best area to develop their creativity, and there can be a host of ways you can do this for your child. In this guide from a high school in Wandsworth Common, here are some ways you can help your child boost their creativity.

colouring pencils

Allow your child time for free play
Free play is a good way to help your child know what they can find joy in, without needing to help your child to decide. If they’re able to freely play and make their own decisions you’re also helping your child’s decision making skills and their ability to think independently. From a creative point of view, your child is then learning what they can make with the tools they have in front of them.

Explore different art forms
It’s a given that art is seen as a very creative form for kids to get involved with. Thankfully there are various strands to the world of art that your child could explore. They may not find a lot of appreciation for ceramics or wood art, but they may really like the look and feel of 2D art and painting. Use these to help your child have a little art box full of supplies they can access at any time at home.

Push your child out of their comfort zone
It’s easy to fall into the same habits each week with your child’s focus and development, but it is important to let them explore a variety of activities and learning materials. While it may feel like a risk to do this, slowly push your child into areas they haven’t explored before. If they are worried then you can guide them through it to reassure them. In doing this, your child gets to be creative about how they approach new things.

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