Why is Reading so Important for Children?

Reading is a great way to develop a child’s skills from a young age. It’ll help your child develop a range of skills and experiences which is why there are many great benefits to taking it up on a regular basis. This independent school in Surrey shares with us why reading is key for children.

child reading

It’s a great way to develop a child’s writing skills
When picking up a book they will tend to find a variety of new words and phrases. Give your child a chance to explore a range of different books and help them feel engaged in the material as they go. You can give your child the chance to test themselves in writing exercises, creative writing activities and more.

Your child gets to explore creativity
Being creative is a big part of a child’s development and it’ll help them feel more open to exploring new things and experiences. Reading books will help your child explore fictional worlds and characters developing their imagination.

It’ll help your child discover their passions
If your child really gets into reading then they’re likely to develop these into real passions. A child can also explore a lot more than just a love for reading in this time. They also get to explore how plots develop and what could be interesting to explore in real life from those aspects. Stories explore relationships, particular activities, how characters handle school, and a range of other things that relate to your child’s development and growth.

Reading broadens a child’s horizons
A child will may get to explore and learn about issues from around the world. They may also get to learn more about how our world works and about different cultures and traditions across the globe.

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