How to Create a Home Office In Your Bedroom

Working from home has its pleasures but trying to be productive in a massively cluttered bedroom isn't one of them.

The worst situation is working out of a bedroom that isn't fit for the job. Whether it's dirty socks on the floor or a desk that gives you no space, how can you get your work done in such an environment? Slowly, is the answer!

The good news is you can create a home office in your bedroom, and it'll be so good you can put in some of your most productive days.

bedstar bed

Here's how to create a home office in your bedroom:

First thing's first – you need to de-clutter your bedroom.

Look around your bedroom for ornaments, d├ęcor and items that take up space but aren't helpful or enjoyable. You can give things away on Gumtree or sell them online, or perhaps someone in your family might like them.

The idea here is to bring focus to your bedroom so that you have a clean, clutter-free space to work in without any annoying distractions.

Get a storage bed
Beds and offices don't mix, but let's be honest – your bed is the ultimate place to wind down after cranking out a load of work. Plus, it's in your bedroom, so having a nice bed you can lie down on and enjoy makes sense. Additionally, you can get a bed with storage like a divan or ottoman. Ottoman beds are perfect because they use the whole bed underside for storage – this unlocks loads of space for bedding, shoes, and clothes.

bedstar bed
Pictured: Milan Bed Company Side Lift Leather Ottoman Bed – White (From only £249 at Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore)

Keeping your bedroom tidy is critical to having a productive bedroom office, and your bed is a fantastic way to increase storage.

Computer options
Most people work from a laptop at home, but you need more screen real estate when cranking out lots of work.

An external monitor will transform your work – you can get an HDMI to USB-C adapter or an HDMI to USB adapter if your laptop doesn't have an HDMI port. We recommend a screen size of at least 24-inches for optimal workflow.

If you have a desktop computer, consider a dual monitor setup – dual monitors give you two desktops and workspaces, doubling your workflow. You might also want to ditch your tower PC for an all-in-one / Mac or mini PC.

Get a suitable desk
The ideal desk size for bedrooms is 900mm to 1,200mm wide (90cm to 120cm) because this gives you lots of space under the desk – legroom makes a big difference to the feel of a bedroom office, helping it feel less cramped.
bedroom desk
Pictured: Scandi Style Space saving hanging wall desk in white finish with Oak accent. Available from ETSY.

In-built drawers are also convenient, giving you space for your mouse, keyboard, and other bits and bats when they aren't in use.

Alternatively, you can double up a dressing table or console table as a desk providing it is at least 45cm deep – any less than this, and you won't have space for a keyboard and monitor (although you will have space for a laptop).

Colour the wall behind your desk
Colouring the wall behind your desk in a contrasting colour will help reinforce that it's time to work when you sit down. It also creates the illusion of a separate space.

You don't necessarily have to paint the whole wall – you can half and half it, install fancy wallpaper or put up artwork with bold colours.

Set a proper work schedule with breaks

One of the things people lose when they work from home is a break schedule. We recommend keeping one, so you are incentivised to do as much as possible while sitting at your desk rather than procrastinating.

It also helps to get up at a set time and sit at your desk at a set time so that your work day has structure rather than a flexible aura.

Trust us when we say you can have the best bedroom office, but it matters for nothing if you don't make the most of it. Use your time wisely!

*Collaborative post