Brighten Your Home For Autumn and Winter

As the autumn and winter months arrive, the gloriously sunny days that we enjoy during the spring and summer can start to appear like a distant memory. This can certainly affect how we are feeling; if the weather outside is dull and grey we can start to feel a little fed up and low in mood. And so, this is certainly the time to brighten up your home in order to lift your spirits during the long and colder months. So just how do we brighten the interior of our home? You'll be pleased to know this can be done really easily with just a few tweaks here and there. You don't need to spend lots of money to notice a real difference in your home. Here are five steps to bring a bit of summer sparkle into your home. 

Adding prints and paintings
The weather in autumn and winter can often be grey and a bit miserable so I like to pretend the sunshine is back by featuring beautiful summery canvasses in my home. One of my favourite prints which I found at Photowall is of sunlight rays seeping through the branches of a tree. I also love my canvas of a calm and serene sea, it makes me feel like I'm standing on the beach and takes me right back to summer!

canvas print of branches

Fresh flowers can have a positive impact on your mood and this is a great way to brighten your home. Studies have shown that flowers can actually decrease stress and anxiety. Their natural beauty alone can be enough to bring a smile to your face and they can be a fantastic feature within your home, reflecting your personal style. You can change them frequently, each time bringing something new and unique to the style of your home. I love bright yellow flowers, they make me think of sunshine! 

Cushions, throws and rugs
Cushions, throws and rugs can instantly add a pop of colour to your home. In autumn and winter, I opt for oranges, reds, yellows, browns and golds. 

A fresh coat of paint
I love a freshly painted room, it's amazing how much it can brighten a room. Our rooms often feature many a sneaky line of felt-tip or crayon (courtesy of my little boys), or a sticky handprint and as much as I try to embrace it while they are little, eventually a new coat of paint is required. Adding a lighter shade to your walls instantly brightens, refreshes and opens up the room! 

Do you have any tips for brightening your home during the autumn and winter months? I'd love to hear them! 

*Post written in collaboration