7 Unique Playdate Ideas for Your Kids

Playdates are great for your child to make friends and build social skills while parents step back and allow them to grow. After a couple of playdates, you may need more ideas for what they’ll do. Here are seven unique playdate ideas for your kids.

play date

1. Craft Day
The best thing about having craft days is they can change with the season. The crafts can look different in the summer than in winter, which is the beauty of craft days. You can get supplies in advance so most of what you need each time is on hand already. Find some ideas for nutritious snacks to enhance the theme of the craft day, too.

2. Homemade Ball Pit

If you want something to get your children's energy out, make them a homemade ball pit. They love it out at play areas, so why not bring it into your own home? It’s likely more fun and sanitary for them. All you need to do is get an inflatable pool, fill it with plastic balls and you’re good to go. You can use your new ball pit indoors and outdoors, depending on the season.

3. Field Day
Hearing they’re having a field day at school is exciting for young kids. You can create your own field day at home with multiple stations to create an Olympic-type event in your basement or backyard. Making areas for running and jumping across the yard and painting pictures in between physical activities adds variety and fun to the playdate.

4. Outdoor Movie Night
Movie nights indoors can feel repetitive, but taking them outside allows a new environment for them to enjoy the movie. To create the perfect movie playdate, get all the necessary equipment to play the film and keep everyone comfortable. You’ll need chairs, a screen, a projector, lighting and a sound system. Choose a movie and provide delicious themed snacks to go along with it.

5. Cookie Decorating
Decorating cookies does not only have to be in the wintertime — whipping up a batch and getting creative always stays in style. You can switch things up by changing your canvas to cupcakes or cakes to add variety to the experience.

6. Family Yoga
If you want to get in on the fun, you can invite the other child's parents to a family yoga event. This is a good idea for everyone since physical activity will benefit you and your kids. It’s also great for adults looking to create connections with other parents since it can be challenging to find opportunities to connect.

7. Play Toy Bingo

Ask each child to bring a toy and then have a bingo game. You can print out cards of all variations online and use a random letter and number generator to call out the numbers on the card. It’s a great way to engage with the kids while allowing them to “win” the fun toys they each brought.

Hosing Creative Playdates
Playdates are fun for your child and you when you get involved. Developing their social skills and learning to make friends on different playdates will make your kids excited to host them at your home.

*Collaborative post