6 Tips for Designing Your Baby's Nursery

You’re far enough along in your pregnancy that you’re beginning to think about designing your little one’s nursery. What an exciting time! Before diving in, you should make a general plan for how you want the room to look and feel. Do you love plants and everything boho or do you want something more classic and simple?

Selecting the basics before you begin is essential to creating a cohesive space. Otherwise, you may end up with a hodgepodge of items that overwhelm the room and overstimulate your baby. These tips will get you off to a great start and you can add your personal touches from there.

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1. Choose One Starting Element
Like every good design, you need to start somewhere. Try to find your first nugget of inspiration. Even if you already have a theme in mind, you require something more concrete to start you in the right direction.

As you’re out and about, see if you come across a piece that perfectly sums up your desires for the space. It may be a rug, rocking chair, crib or wall art. Once you have the initial thing in the room, the rest of your design will fall into place.

2. Scale Back the Theme
The great thing about centring your design on an initial inspiration item is you really don’t need a theme. While themes can be cute, they’re also far too easy to get carried away with. For example, you choose a forest animals theme and suddenly see adorable additions everywhere you go. Soon you have a nursery full of decor and no place for more practical items.

More often than not, new parents take the theme too far, to the point where it’s tacky and overwhelming. To steer clear of this problem, either drop the theme idea altogether or incorporate it subtly with a few well-placed and carefully chosen items.

3. Turn Down the Sound
A bit of soundproofing can improve your little one’s sleep — they’ll be much less likely to wake suddenly from street sounds or noisy neighbours. Place the crib along a wall not shared with a neighbour or other loud room. Thick curtains will help block out noise from outside and rugs can absorb sounds from the floor or residents below you. Finally, a white noise machine can soothe your infant and overcome many other sounds.

4. Plan for Sun and Safety
Blocking out the sun is essential to getting your baby to sleep properly during the day. Choose blackout curtains to absorb all light, so the room resembles night-time.

Finally, ensure you properly baby-proof the room. Anchor all the furniture to the wall, switch to cordless blinds and put socket covers in each outlet. While it may seem like you have a long time before your baby is ready to explore their room, accidents can happen at any time and you may not remember to make these changes later on.

5. Pick Multifunctional Pieces
If you have a medium or small nursery, you want to be careful with how you utilize the space. By the time you’ve placed a crib, dresser, changing table and chair, the room feels a lot tighter.

Instead of buying each piece individually, see where you can combine functions. Opt for a crib with storage underneath or a combo changing table and dresser. Once you start looking, you’ll find plenty of space-saving solutions.

6. Prioritize Storage
Storage isn’t always the cutest item you’ll buy for the nursery, but it’s arguably the most important. Even if you kept your registry minimal, the reality is babies come with a lot of stuff. You’ll want places to put it all, where it’s displayed nicely or tucked away out of sight.

Above all, ensure your storage system for the nursery makes sense and is easy to tidy up. You don’t want to forget where everything goes when you’re functioning on very little sleep.

Relax a Little
In today’s social-media-obsessed world, there’s intense pressure to get the nursery “just right.” Parents of all backgrounds are pouring money into the design of a room that’ll only last a few years at most until their child wants a change. Don’t let this be you. Set a budget and stay within those confines. As long as you have the necessities, your baby won’t care if you bought the expensive wallpaper or rug. Relax and enjoy this special time preparing for the arrival of your little one.

*Collaborative post